Flex grid control in vb

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Really all I need is 2 columns. The first column will have some text and the second column needs to have a combo box in it which will allow users to pick from it. Got a good performance comparison too - article. Component One makes an all-powerful grid that we used all over the place.

It's a great tool and we are very satisfied with it. Here's a free grid that is implemented as a single-file control with no dependencies. Know one more good 3rd-party grid control like FlexGrid. It's not free, but enough cheap and is still supported.

flex grid control in vb

Learn more. Asked 11 years, 1 month ago. Active 6 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 6k times. Bonus if the control is free. AngryHacker AngryHacker Active Oldest Votes. Kieron Kieron Adding dropdowns is pretty straightforward. I've used this a lot and love it.FlexCell grid control contains a grid designer that allows you to design report templates and user interfaces with very little code.

FlexCell Grid Control for. NET, Visual C. Download FlexCell for. NET 4. NET Framework 4. NET 3. NET Framework 2. Masked Editing Input masks can be specified to automatically control and validate text input, minimize data entry errors. Excel-like Cell Merging Merge continuous cells, making them span multiple rows or columns freely. Bound or Unbound Mode.

Net data source, or in unbound mode, where the grid itself manages the data. Virtual Grid You can create a virtual grid, bind the grid to existing data structures, use calculated "virtual" fields, perform data validation, or load data on demand.

Integrated Printing You can print the grid with a single statement. You have complete control over paper size, orientation, margins, page breaks, header text, and footer text.

The Excel-like object model make the process more efficient! Clipboard Support The grid content can be copied, cut and pasted freely, and the text can be copied and pasted mutually between FlexCell and other software such as Excel, Notepad, etc.

This provides a nice way to set up a grid without writing a lot of code. NET, C. NET sample code and help file, helping you to learn the usage of this control quickly.

NET V4. January 11, Released FlexCell for. NET V3.FlexGrid includes flexible data binding, multi-format export and import, data presentation formatting, and exhaustive samples and customization.

FlexGrid is up to 10x faster at loading and scrolling than the competition's WinForms data grid controls. FlexGrid has been the top WinForms data grid for years, so we have s of WinForms samples and extensions available--and countless blog posts and forum posts detailing all the ways in which you can use FlexGrid.

The mission of GrapeCity is to provide customers with the premier studio of innovative UI controls, tools, and solutions including deep functionality reporting, analysis, and spreadsheet platforms. Visit www. All Rights Reserved. Sign in. The fastest, best WinForms data grid is FlexGrid. Easy-to-use, flexible WinForms grid control for creating user-friendly interfaces that display, edit, format, organize, summarize, and print tabular data.

Get Started. FlexGrid includes flexible data binding, multi-format export and import, data presentation formatting, and exhaustive samples and customization 10x faster at initial load FlexGrid is up to 10x faster at loading and scrolling than the competition's WinForms data grid controls s of samples, extensions, and blog posts FlexGrid has been the top WinForms data grid for years, so we have s of WinForms samples and extensions available--and countless blog posts and forum posts detailing all the ways in which you can use FlexGrid.

NET Framework 2. NET Visual Basic.Specifies a callback function to run on each item of the data provider to determine its data tip. The default value for the GridColumn editable property, which indicates if a corresponding cell's data provider item can be edited.

VB NET - Lesson 013 - Flexgrid doesn't work in Visual Studio

The default value for the GridColumn itemEditor property, which specifies the IGridItemEditor class used to create item editor instances. The measured width of this grid is large enough to display the first requestedColumnCount columns. The measured height of the grid is large enough to display no more than requestedMaxRowCount rows.

The measured width of this grid is large enough to display at least requestedMinColumnCount columns.

Edit Flex Grid with Combo Box in VB 6

If true and the selectionMode property is not GridSelectionMode. NONE, an item must always be selected in the grid. If variableRowHeight is false, then this property specifies the actual height of each row, in pixels. If selectionMode is GridSelectionMode.

flex grid control in vb

The grid's layout ensures that columns whose width is not specified is wide enough to display an item renderer for this default data provider item. Closes the currently active editor and optionally saves the editor's value by calling the item editor's save method. If necessary, set the verticalScrollPosition and horizontalScrollPosition properties so that the specified cell is completely visible.

In response to user input mouse or keyboard which changes the selection, this method dispatches the selectionChanging event. Dispatched by the grid skin part when the caret position, size, or visibility has changed due to user interaction or being programmatically set. Dispatched after the data in item editor has been saved into the data provider and the editor has been closed. Dispatched by the grid skin part after a gridMouseDown event if the mouse moves before the button is released.

Dispatched by the grid skin part after a gridMouseDown event when the mouse button is released, even if the mouse is no longer within the grid. Once you are ready with all the changes done, let us compile and run the application in normal mode as we did in Flex - Create Application chapter.

If everything is fine with your application, it will produce the following result: [ Try it online ]. Flex - DataGrid Control Advertisements. Previous Page.

Next Page. Previous Page Print Page. Create a project with a name HelloWorld under a package com.OCX you can create utilities to display, filter, edit, validate and update your data.

For example, such utilities could include:. Included in VB4 bitVB5 and VB6, are several grid-orientated controls aimed at managing rows and columns of data, however one of the most versatile, hence its name, is the FlexGrid. Most of the other grid objects are specifically designed for data binding, whereas the FlexGrid has many collections of properties, methods and events that lend themselves to several environments in addition to just data-binding.

One of the most powerful applications of the FlexGrid is in managing data from database tables in an unbound state. This may seem a pointless exercise as objects such Microsoft's Data Bound Grid Control are written specifically for this purpose, except these grids simply display the contents of a recordset, record by record, field by field.

Whereas the FlexGid can populate the grid in any manner, examples of which are:. These are just a few of the possibilities available with FlexGrids, we'll take a look at more later on. One important point is that in addition to the grid controls available as standard to Visual Basic, many third party grid controls are available that boast impressive features such as embedded combo boxes, picture boxes, custom data validation etc.

Many of these are excellent controls, however they all come at a price proportional to the size of their feature list. That said, most of the functionality found in these third party grids can be accessed with FlexGrids with a little extra code which we'll cover in this article and as well as saving money, you'll gain knowledge of creating and customising your grid controls to suit your specific application and you won't have to remember to distribute those third part runtime dll's that custom controls often require.

To use the FlexGrid in your application, right click the Toolbox or select the Project menu and choose 'Components'. The Components dialog box appears as shown in Figure 1. The default FlexGrid will appear on the form as shown in Figure 2. First of all, it's good practice to determine the initial number of grid rows and columns using the Row and Col properties respectively.

flex grid control in vb

Then set the number of fixed rows and columns those that hold row and column headings - raised and in grey with the FixedRow and FixedCol properties respectively. To ensure the columns are the correct width to fit inside to FlexGrid, first set a variable to the width of the FlexGrid, allowing for a vertical Scrollbar width.

Then use this variable to resize to individual column widths, by dividing it by the number of columns. The height of individual rows can be changed to accommodate multi-line headings.

This is done by simply multiplying the appropriate row height by a scaling factor, in this case two, to double the height. When increasing the size of a row height, to make sure text uses the extra available space, use the WordWrap property the ensure text continues on the the next cell line. Regarding writing text to the grid there are two main methods.

The first one is using the Additem method, this writes text to an entire row in one action and is therefore useful for adding headings. The vbTab constant is used to distinguish adjacent cells. The second method to populate grid cells with text is to directly address individual cells and using the TextMatrix or Text property and set the cell's text.

The ability to change the individual cell background colour and cell font colour is useful for highlighting particular data states, e.Whenever you are doing any project, always a need arises where you have to display the Data in a Tabular Format. There are several Controls in VB6 Which can take care of such displays. As the name itself suggests, it is Really a Flexible Grid. Here I will deal with the other way, Which Includes a bit of Coding.

Say, you have all the data loaded in the database. Now the Grid will be loaded in the ToolBox. After Running the form you notice, you need to Increase the Name Column. Just Wrie this Code:. You may also notice, you need to Align the Columns. If a Cell Holds a alpha numeric value starting with a Number, it aligns it to the Right. You would want to play with the other CellFontProperties:.


One of the Major Draw-backs of FlexGrid is, you cannot enter any data. But you can certainly Program to do so. I will take up that in my Next Article. Recordset Object say RST.

Flex - DataGrid Control

Just Wrie this Code: Grd. Search the site.

flex grid control in vb

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more OK.Microsoft replaced VB6 with VB. NET and Windows Forms package with the release of its.

NET Framework. NET toolbox and use it in modern releases of Visual Studio like or NET :. OCX was developed in the previous century without taking into account Microsoft's future. NET or another. NET language. NET Framework does not support this syntax directly. Pay attention that you specify item sizes in so called logical twips but not in pixels like in. This will bring you some inconvenience when coding in VB. Microsoft FlexGrid does not guarantee full compatibility with VB. NET and C.

NET development environments. For example, some developers encountered improper cell image drawing in. NET images. OCX, together with your app like we do that for native. NET DLL assemblies, you also need to register it as a COM control on your user's pc - and potentially face such problems as admin access, etc when doing this. If you go this way though, the topic VB. NET apps. Add to this that the outdated MSFlexGrid does not support the visual styles available in latest releases of MS Windows - you'll have that old 3D look like on the screenshot above which is inconsistent with other modern WinForms controls.

Our WinForms grid control, iGrid. It is a native. NET Framework control built and optimized specially for this platform. However, iGrid can be used as an MSFlexGrid replacement in many scenarios as iGrid is the same cell matrix control allowing you to set cell values and format cells using color and other formatting options individually.

In contrast to MSFlexGrid, iGrid implements built-in editing using text and combo box editors, and also provides your users with the ability to sort contents by clicking column headers or even group data interactively using the built-in group box. There is no need to duplicate the description of the benefits and advantages of 10Tec WinForms grid here as it is done in the product's section on this website.

NET or another development environment based on the.

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