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Happy DIY Home. Explosion boxes are exploding all over the internet. I made my DIY explosion box, which I used to photograph for this tutorial, for my husband, for our first year wedding anniversary. It really is an ideal first year anniversary present, if you have a little bit of time to invest. A DIY explosion box makes an excellent gift for anniversaries, graduation, birthdays, friendversaries thank you, Facebook!

Of course, it is possible to simply purchase a pre-made explosion box and personalize it from there. How exciting! Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make your gift box. Take out three pieces of your card stock, along with a pen and ruler, and measure and cut according to the below instructions:. Here are the measurements for making more explosion box tiers:. Feel free to do the same, or add more explosion box layers if you like!

Do this to all three of your sheets. See there are four corner squares? Have a look at the photo above for a visual representation of this. Take a new piece of cardstock and fold it into a tic-tac-toe or hash symbol like you did the others. Take your heart explosion box template and line it up to the four corners of your largest piece of cardstock the bottom layer. Trace the humps only. Once you have all your humps drawn in your four corners, use your scissors to cut along the edges towards the humps, and then along the humps.

Put your scissors to work again, this time on the smallest and middle-size pieces of paper. Cut out all four corner squares on each piece of the explosion box. Apply glue to the center square, and glue it to the front side of the center square on the middle-sized piece.

Then repeat this step with the middle piece on the largest piece of paper. There is no need to glue the back of your bottom explosion box layer, because this will form the base, or outside of your explosion box.

Next, measure and score an inner square 3 cm inside of the larger square. Fold along those lines, like in the photo below.

Then, snip just one edge of each of the corners, as pictured below. Fold these up, and glue the backside of them, as pictured below. Attach the glued tags to the adjacent sides of the lid, so that your lid looks like…well, a lid. Like this:. Be sure to only tape on the inside of the lid, keeping the outside clean for decorating. Do so with some glitter paper, or even make a collage with your photos.This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.

If you make a purchase through one of my links I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. They are fun to make and even more fun to give. This exploding box will be a treasured gift for some time. Some of you may be wondering what an explosion or exploding box even is. While they are super cool, I decided to keep this design ultra simple. I tested a couple of different designs and methods to make an exploding box and score lines were the easiest by far to get nice folds.

We use cardstock to make explosion boxes. If you already have some cardstock and it shows white when you cut it, you can use a marker that is the same shade as your paper to go over those white lines.

This design uses four colors of cardstock. Feel free to change it up and use different colors though. I keep all of my free designs in the resource library found here. To make it easy I made the design so the lines that we need to change will be the first 8 things on the layers menu. Highlighted below. In the layers menu select the top object that says cut. After you have them all you can let off the shift key. Next go to the top menu where it says line type.

Click on the down arrow and select score from the options.

explosion box

You will see all of the score lines change to dotted lines. To select them place your cursor over to the side and left-click the mouse while you drag the cursor over.

Once a part of the design and the scoreline is in your selection box you can release the mouse and it will automatically select the whole thing. Then click attach and move on to the next one until all 8 designs with score lines are attached. Once everything is attached you are ready to click the make it button and cut your mats. Be sure to turn your dial to cardstock for Explore machines or select cardstock from the materials list for Maker machines. Cricut will score the lines before it cuts, so load your scoring stylus before you start cutting.

Re-close the clamp and you are ready to go. In the video above I show how to place the cardstock and load the cut mats if you need help with that. Fold the line for the hearts in the four corners in the opposite direction of the rest of your folds. Fold the large red hearts in half.

I did not add score lines to these since they are easy to fold. Once you have the hearts folded, glue them to the corner hearts of the base using tacky glue.

Line the folds up and make sure they are going in the same direction. Next take the rectangle piece and glue the back to one of the outer squares.

Glue a heart on one side of the flaps. You can write a message or glue a picture on the inside and then close the flaps after the glue is dry. That will allow one side of hearts to tuck in so it makes a heart shape.Surprise your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary with this Picture Gift Box full of pictures and memories that pops up when you take the lid off. Don't forget to like,comment and share this project : Buy this box in my etsy store today :.

Ever wonder what an exploding box or explosion box is? It's much more harmless than it sounds. The term is used to describe paper boxes that have cunningly been created so that the sides cascade outwards as the lid is removed.

Such a fun and innovative way to personalize a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or even boxes for wedding favors. Simply change the color and theme of the paper or cardstock used to create a box which is perfect for any occasion. Since this is a do-it-yourself craft, you can customize this exploding box any which way you'd like. For instance, you can try adding rubber stamped tags with a special message, attaching decorative embellishments, adding keepsakes, pictures or mementos, or anything else that you can think of.

Just place a gift in the center of the box, or make a tiny gift box and attach it to the center of the box, to hold your special present. Mark at 15 and 30 cm on each side, Unite the points. Make a heart shape on each corner. Score every heart in the middle. Cut the unwated part around the hearts.

Fold the sides. Fold the hearts in the middle. Score on each side at 4 cm. Cut one line in each corner. Put adhesive on the corners. Stick the sides together. Add some descoration on it.

Tower Explosion Box Tutorial (Requested Video)

Question 9 months ago. Is there a template for the heart you used for the box's four corners? If there is, can you please upload it?? Answer 4 months ago.

Hi : sorry for the late reply.A box for any occasion. A box that does nothing but fall open. Who doesn't want one?

explosion box

Ok not very exciting, but hopefully the contents make up for it. A new way to present your present!

Please don't sue me. I don't really understand the etymology either. Time to break tradition, no more wrapping your present boxes last anymore! Wrapping without even having a box to wrap! Take a wrapped square and make a grid on the thick paper. You want to make a cross shape that will connect the cardboard squares. You can adjust the size by trimming to how much you want the wrapping paper to be exposed. Be sure that the middle square is the EXACT same size as one of the wrapped squares or else the sides will not fall correctly.

The image below should clarify. Cut out the cross following the red lines. After having the cross cut out, crease the gray lines shown below. Now that the cross is cut out and creased, glue one of the wrapped squares in the center of the cross.

After the center is glued you can glue the rest of the wrapped squares making the sides. If everything is going well these should fold up and fall down. Take any cardboard scraps you have and cut out rectangles the length of the square and maybe 1 inch in height. Make 4 of these rectangles. Then wrap each one individually with wrapping paper. You can line the insides of your rectangles and large square with the thick paper you had to match the box and hide showing cardboard Assemble the cap by taping or gluing each rectangle to the outside of the square.

Hot glue works well here. Well everything is complete now. The outcome is a multipurpose box. So gift it, put something in it, use it as decoration, anything. Take your lunch in it, that can of Spam will work.

explosion box

Everyone will be envious when you pop that top. You may then proceed to take over the world with your can of Spam and your explosion box. Just curious. How big are your cardboard squares and the cardstock paper that you used?A pretty explosion box with a nice car alongside any special surprise within would be something most people crave to have. The materials for an explosion box include a thick cardstock paper for a sturdier box, alongside a printable template, glue, and scissors.

Check out the unique DIYs of making an explosion box. Embellish the inside of the box with glitters, beads, and colorful ribbons for a showy appearance. Tutorial to Make an Explosion Box. Create a waterfall-like appearance with the cards for a unique look.

How to Make an Explosion for Birthday Card. If you wish to make a memory box for your boyfriend or girlfriend for a special occasion, this tutorial will serve your purpose. The template below would give a clear outline of making an explosion box. Tutorial to Make a Photo Explosion Box. The cute eggs, butterflies, and smileys make this an apt explosion box for Easter. You could even add photos of the recipient or the occasion you have designed it for.

explosion box

Surprise Explosion Box Tutorial. A box within a big box, bearing a surprise present, would be a perfect anniversary gift idea. Tutorial to Make an Explosion Box with Template.

You could attach a ring within to surprise your better half to the fullest. A paper made Christmas tree or Santa Claus would bring in the actual festival fervor.

How to Make Your Own DIY Explosion Box

Tutorial to Make a Hexagon Explosion Box. Handmade Explosion Gift Box for Boyfriend. Following the similar tutorial you may opt for any other theme like Sponge Bob or Batman.

This sweet explosion box would be a perfect Easter or Christmas gift idea. You could make this for sending out an invitation or as a part of a wedding gift. These amazing DIYs would help you in making innovative explosion boxes for any occasion like graduation, Easter, Thanksgiving, and so on. Published on December 8th by Miranda Gibbs. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Explosion Box.Last week my husband and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary.

An explosion box is made from sheets of cardstock that nest inside each other. It was really fun to put together. The cutting guide also comes with a template to make the hearts in the corners of the base layer. Additionally, I have a printable template for the lid to minimize the amount of measuring you need to do. Explosion Box Lid Template print directly onto the back of your lid cardstock.

The Cutting Guide gives dimensions for up to 7 layers for your box. I made my box with 3 layers, using the dimensions highlighted in yellow on the guide. A seven layer box would allow you to include LOTS of photos, notes and other memorabilia. Please note that the Cutting Guide shows two numbers for each layer: the first number tells you how big the sheet of cardstock should be square.

The second number tells you how far from each edge you will measure in and score. All the instructions for making your own explosion gift box are included in the video below. Either turn off your ad blocker or whitelist this site in order to be able to view the video.

You will have to watch a short advertisement before the video will load — annoying, I know. But these ads allow me to continue providing hundreds of tutorials and videos free of charge. Thank you! Lots of areas to decorate! That means the photos on the bottom layer are 3.

I folded a strip of cardstock accordion style. It can be opened up to reveal small photos of each of our kids. I also cut another strip of printed cardstock and folded it around some old photos of me and my husband that I printed out at wallet size. I tied it with twine and glued the whole thing onto the base layer of the box. You can find lots of videos and tutorials online that will give you ideas. This tutorial shows lots of different boxes, pockets, and other interactive elements along with cutting and folding dimensions.

The biggest list of Photo Gifts. How to make photo letters. How to make personalized photo candles. Oh, Autumn, I am so glad you made the Explosion Box doable! My husband and I will celebrate our 49th!!!This stylish box will become an original gift for your friends and family and will impress them favorably! We all love to wish each other well on different occasions and to find novel ways to wish well and merry. We always try to keep you updated with the recent trends in making cards and other gifting options.

You should always try to go beyond what is expected from you when wishing someone great.

Explosion Boxes

On the occasions of birthdays, anniversaries one can always go for the simple handmade cards like always but it is better to experiment. We have brought to you this exploding box step by step instructions to make for a great gifting option this season. Let us have a look at this exploding box tutorial. This step involves planning and execution. This step is easy. You must start by taking a reference of the measurements of the final box to start your box making procedure. Stick these square pieces on a template of box making shape.

To make a box you require a shape with a central square piece and squares on all the four sides. Stick the colorful squares on all the side squares of the box making template to make the inner portion of the walls of the box. Repeat the steps with other sized box templates as well. We will be making these small sized envelopes to put in our messages and well wishes for our loved ones.

You can make these small sized envelopes using some square pieces of colored paper. These small envelopes can be made with paper folding techniques.

First of all fold the two opposite corners of the square sheet of paper and make them meet each other in the middle. Now take the lower edge of the square sheet. Fold the corner edge of the lower fold on the meeting of the meeting of the side folds. The upper corner of the square piece of the sheet can be used to close the message envelop. This looks pretty and sweet.

These are some really pretty heart crafts for your exploding box craft. It looks great to stick these glitter hearts inside the exploding box craft. You can make these glitter glitter hearts by tracing the heart shapes on the tracing paper. Now cut along the outer boundary of the hearts made on the tracing paper. Apply the glue on the hearts shapes cut from the tracing paper.

Dip these glue laden hearts in red glitter. These heart shapes look great. You can make other kinds of crafty shapes using the same technique. This is a great way to add hearts and lips to the message envelopes. You can use small sized wooden clips to add the hearts and lips to the message envelopes. This is a great way to add meaningful and loving messages to the exploding box craft. Start by tracing closed lips on the tracing paper.

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