64 siddhas

These powers spanned from controlling time and space, to transforming the body, manipulating matter at the molecular level and achieving immortality. The Siddhars were followers of the God Shiva and according to different texts there were 18 of them. Their teachings and findings were written in the form of poems in the Tamil languagea language spoken mainly by people in South India and parts of Sri Lanka. The poems were very difficult to interpret and were written in an encoded way so that only a few could understand them.

There is a debate as to who was the first Siddhar. Some legends talk about Sri Pathanjaliwho was considered to be an incarnation of Adiseshan, the celestial five-headed snake associated with God Vishnu. But the prevailing tradition refers to Agasthya or Agasthyar as the first Siddhar, one of the seven sages or Saptarshis as mentioned in the Vedic texts, and he was the son of the god Brahma of the Hindu creation story.

Agathiyar is considered to be the author of a lot of the first Siddhar literature and he was supposed to have lived in the 7 th century BC. About 96 books are attributed to him and that includes writings in alchemy, medicine and spirituality. The powers that the Siddhars possessed were separated in categories. The main category included 8 powers called ashta siddhis:. To become tiny as the atom within the atom Anima 2.

To become big in unshakeable proportions Mahima 3. To become as light as vapour in levitation Laghima 4. To become as heavy as the mountain Garima 5. To enter into other bodies in transmigration Prapti 6. To be in all things, omni-pervasive Prakamya 7. To be lord of all creation in omnipotence Isatvam 8. To be everywhere in omnipresence Vasitvam Thirumandiram But if this is not enough, there are ten secondary siddhis as described in Bhagavata Purana that include the following:.

Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other bodily appetites 2. Hearing things far away 3. Seeing things far away 4.

Assuming any form desired 6. Entering the bodies of others 7. Dying when one desires 8. Witnessing and participating in the past times of the gods 9.

Perfect accomplishment of one's determination Orders or commands being unimpeded. Furthermore, the system of healing that the Siddhars possessed was allegedly given to them by the god Muruganson of the Hindu god Shiva.

64 siddhas

Another famous Siddhar was Tirumular, who was a Tamil mystic and writer of 6 th century AD and was also one of the 18 Siddhars according to the Tamil Siddha tradition. Another Siddhar, Bhogar Bhoganatharwho lived between the 3 rd and 5 th century AD is said to have discovered the elixir of immortality — one his main works is the Pharmacognosy. Many of the oldest Siddhar texts are palm leaf manuscripts and not all of them are translated in English.

From generation to generation, copying from one text to another, many of the original texts have probably been altered and their meaning changed. Therefore what today we know as Siddhar texts may have nothing to do with the original texts, which may account for why the Tamil tradition does not accept the Siddha poems in its body of traditions.

Some old Siddhar writings are preserved in Museums and private families in Tamil Nadhu. Due to the closely-guarded nature of the Siddhar records, the original knowledge of this enigmatic group of saints has remained shrouded in secrecy. The question remains whether their powers were real and, if so, how they managed to attain them.In modern times, students of Siddhas were not able to improve upon this science more because KaliYuga was here and Mleccha…. Without eating, drinking or getting up for toilet.

How one develops…. But when one keeps Vaishnavs aside for a…. Bhairav Bishnu: The first step to a spiritual mind is very simple. Let it go is something so covet and subtle but its utility in spiritualism is of paramount importance. Many sadhakas and bhaktas are usually worried about few fundamentals and not sure what exactly is their Dharma.

64 siddhas

Is Hindu Dharma a religion worshiping gods and goddesses? Is Hindu…. Kaulantak Tradition gives primary importance to yogini sadhana. Mystical yoginis and yakshinis of tamas gunas are also related…. Learn more. The first step to a spiritual mind. One who is complete and experiencer of the ultimate truth, indifferent to both maya and liberation, one who realizes himself as Shiva, being unfettered from the cycles of birth and death, one who is still in inner illuminance, non desirous karma yogi in the unending flow of time is the Siddha.As the first of the siddhas, the Tibetan sources mention Luhi-pa Luyi-pada who is most probably identical with Matsyendranatha, the teacher of the famous Gorakshanatha The natha-siddhas One of the most ancient appears in chapter nine of the Kaulajnana Nirnayaattributed to Siddha Matsyendranath.

Said to be the progenitor of the Kaula school of tantra, this chakra system is eightfold. Each of the lotuses has eight petals and these represent the 64 yoginis, famed in Kamarupa. Dear One, listen to the collective meditation in these chakra places.

One should avoid perturbation and practise equipoise Sama consciousness. One my see even beyond the future, one with the endless circle of time, having knowledge of what is spoken at a distance, able to both grant boons and to paralyse, with the ability to seize and subjugate pashus, or to destroy or to kill them, mortal, always truthful, and in equipoise, becoming eloquent, a Siddha, and able to do anything.

One conquers death and becomes the cause of great excitation. Meditating one-pointedly on this multi-fold form one becomes an emperor amongst kings, doing whatsoever one wills, and may destroy all in the three worlds, whether animate or inanimate - like Kruddha, the cause of both creation and dissolution, always engaged in love. After meditating on the Guru in that chakra for six months, one my achieve whatever is wished for, destroy old age, be able to see at a distance, able to obstruct, even if one hundred yojanas distant.

In a lonely place one should meditate on that multi-fold form. By always meditating on it, afterwards one becomes immortal, eloquent, victorious over death and disease. Practising it daily, one causes death to flee. By continual practice for a period of sixteen seasons on this great chakra, one becomes able to destroy in a day and a night.

One should always meditate on it as being of a smoky colour, then one my shake the three worlds. It causes eloquence and avoidance of untimely death, and allows one to both enslave and paralyse. One becomes the best within a circle of people. For more information, send e-mail to mike.Post a Comment. Yoga: Siddhis Psychic Abilities December 20, Siddhis are what is commonly considered superhuman psychic abilities.

Stories and myths of such abilities are prevalent in all civilizations, irrespective of the geographical limits. These siddhas in their journey have crossed the stages of wisdom, enlightenment, attainment of all the 64 siddhis and reach the state of "siddhahood". Amongst all the 64 siddhis, eight of them are classified as the greatest. They are; Attama Ashta Maha Siddhis - Eight greatest psychic abilities bestowed upon the very best, the crown of the crop yogis. Mahima: expanding one's own self to an infinitely large size as universe 3.

Karima: becoming infinitely heavy 4. Lehima: becoming almost weightless 5. Only those who attained these attma siddhis can be term'd as Siddhas. They are never self-proclaimed, but the already recognized siddha attest them.

Gayatri Mantra Aur Gaytri Mahima

Apart from the aforementioned attama-siddhis, there are Atta-karma Siddhis, which are attained on the journey by the sadhakas practitioners. So these are to be never exercised unless the necessity is dispassionately justified and only upon guru's grant to do so. This is often used on animals, the wild ones 6. By the time they reach this stage, their morality and intelligence is so refined that the possibility of misuse forfeits naturally. Yet, there have been cases of such misuses, when a sadhaka reaches such state through shortcuts, the important thing to know is, every such action inflicts pasya karma strong and sticking which not only takes away their siddhis but also puts them back in the backward journey.

Other Siddhis attained on the path Freedom from hunger and thirst.Siddhis means accomplishments and the feeling of being complete. The path to attain Siddhis is very difficult and the one who achieves them can conquer the universe with his powers. Many ancient books have described the importance of Siddhis. It is believed that the one who practice these siddhis regularly and with discipline is able to achieve the benefits of them.

Siddhis are of two types: apara and para. They represents the prevalence of psychic powers and control of the senses. All kinds of perfect, moderate and vile Siddhis are known as Apara Siddhis. There are eight kinds of primary siddhis. Nothing is impossible for the one who attains these eight siddhis.

The ability to become smallest in size is known as Anima Siddhi. He becomes supernaturally strong and congenial. Mahima siddhi is the ability to expand one's body to an infinite large size. By attaining this siddhi the practitioner is able to expand the size of his body larger than the universe. He can attain the power equivalent to god who has created the universe.

The ability to become infinitely heavy is known as Garmia siddhi. The practitioner can make himself as heavy as he desires to be and cannot be moved by anyone or anything. The power to become weightless or lighter than air can be achieved from Laghima siddhi. The practitioner can become any creature on this earth and enter into his body after attaining this siddhi. The ability to construct anything is known as Prapti siddhi. The practitioner can achieve anything he desired through this siddhi.

There is nothing impossible for him to get such as providing water in the deserted area. Prakamya Siddhi is the ability to become whatever the practitioner desires. The thoughts of the person changes drastically and experiences a flow of supernatural energies. By achieving this ability the practitioner is able to do anything he wants. He can fly in the sky or walk on the water.

Knowing all powers and getting a control over them is known as Ishita Siddhi. The practitioner is able to get control on all the elements of universe and possess absolute lordship. He gets converted into god himself.

Vashita or Vashikaran is the ability of getting a control on life and death. The one who excels in this siddhi can influence any person on this earth. Home All Tags All Categories. Eight major accomplishments or Siddhis - Eight Siddhis - 8 Siddhis. Mahima Siddhi Mahima siddhi is the ability to expand one's body to an infinite large size.

Garima Siddhi The ability to become infinitely heavy is known as Garmia siddhi.The Siddhars by their spiritual and yogic practices attained immense knowledge and experience in Vaithiyam MedicineVatham AlchemyJothidam AstrologyManthirigam Thanthric practicesYogam Meditation and yogic exercises and Gnanam Knowledge about the Almighty.

There are 18 siddhars who are considered as the pillars of siddha medicine according to Tamil tradition. There is no consensus on their exact time era.

Siddha medicine

Their names, contributions, popular beliefs about them and probable place where they attained Samadhi eternal consciousness are listed below. You would need to login or signup to start a Discussion.

Home Siddha The 18 Siddhars. The 18 Siddhars. Siddhars believed in a holistic concept. Agathiyar Agathiyar is considered as the Father of Tamil Literature. He compiled first Tamil grammar called Agathiyam. He is believed to be direct disciple of Lord Siva. There are 96 books believed to be authored by Agathiyar including classical works like Vaidiya Sigamani, Chendhooram -Mani, Sivajalam, Sakthijalam. He is said to be the disciple of Nandhidevar. His masterpiece Thirumanthiram, deals with the body and soul.

Thirumanthiram is considered as a Bible of Thanthrik Yoga. His hypothesis on Atomic theory is considered to be reinstated as Nanotechnology in recent times. The physiological principles which he mentioned during such ancient times are astonishing.

Versions of Thirumoolar are certainly appropriate for this modern, stressful world. It is helpful in combating non-communicable diseases such as myocardial infarction, degenerative diseases and depressive disorders. Regular practice of yoga will undoubtedly improve the over-all health. His place of Samadhi is believed to be at Chidambaram. Bogar Bogar is considered as the descendant of Thirumoolar It is believed that Bogar travelled up to China and propagated the spiritual philosophy in China.

It is believed that the statue of Lord Muruga which he created contains Nava pasana Nine arsenical compounds. He also contributed to the field of alchemy, medicine and yoga. His contributions on the synthesis of mercury, mercurial compounds and arsenical compounds are note worthy. He is believed to author more than 42 works on Siddha medicine.

Eight major accomplishments or Siddhis - Eight Siddhis - 8 Siddhis

He attained samathi at Palani. Konganar Konganar is considered as the son of Bogar. His period is said to be around 4th and 5th centuries B. He lived probably in Kongunadu in Tamil nadu. He wrote more than 40 books that deal with alchemy and the elixir muppu of life. He also contributed to philosophy, medicine and spiritual practices.

He attained Samadhi at Thirupathi. Therayar Therayar is considered to be the master of many fields like astrology, mysticism, alchemy, medicine and language. His scholarship and style of the language are considered to be unique. His Guru Master was Dharmasowmiyar.They used such powers to control time and space, body transformation and achieving immortality.

These siddhars yogis contributed a lot for the betterment and welfare of the society. Siddha medicine reached at zenith during Tamil siddhars. All the 18 South Indian Siddhars gave solid platform to ancient system of siddha medicine. Their contributions are well known in the field of Vaithiyam medicineVatham alchemyJothidam astrologyManthirigam tantric practicesYogam meditation and yogic practices and Gnanam knowledge and almighty.

They have written many important books on medicine, alchemy, spirituality, etc. He was the father of Tamil literature. The compiling of first Tamil grammar Agathiym went to him. He had the mastery over language, medicine, alchemy and spirituality.

He authored as many as 96 books and some of his famous books are Vaidiya Sigamani, Chendhooram, Mani, Sivajalam and Sakthijalam. It is considered that he was the direct disciple of Lord Siva. Thirumoolar-the Prince of Mystics Thirumoolar is known as the prince of mystics.

Nandhidevar was his Guru.

The Incredible Powers of the Ancient Siddhars

He was the great philosopher of atomic theory or nanotechnology. His physiological principles are of great importance. Bogar-the propagator of spirituality He spread the message of spirituality and propagated the same in China. He is known for his contributions in the field of alchemy, medicine and yoga.

His works for the synthesis of mercury and arsenic compounds was praiseworthy. He authored more than 42 books on Siddha medicine. The statue of Lord Muruga which he created contains Nava Pasana nine arsenic compounds.

Konganar- the son of Bogar Konganar is the son of Bogar. He is credited with more than 40 books based upon alchemy and elixir. He had also expertise on philosophy, medicine and spirituality. Kongunado is his birth place. Therayar-master of astrology He had mastery over astrology, mysticism, alchemy, medicine and language. His scholarly aptitude and command over language were exceptional.

His works on diseases and disorders are praiseworthy. He was the disciple of Dharmasowmiyar. Korakkar mooli used by him in the preparations of poorna lehyam. Karuvurar The masterpiece of Karuvurar is Karuvurar vadha kaviyam, Karuvurar sive gnana bodhakam and Thiruisaippa.

Karuvurar had given great contributions in the construction of Tanjore Temple. Owing to this, a special shrine has been made in the Tanjore temple itself.

64 siddhas

Edaikkadar His major contributions are rasavatham and kayakarpam 9. Chattamuni Chattamuni is known for his contributions in the field of alchemy and 96 thathuvas. Sattamuni pini gnanam, Sattamuni vadha kaviyamSattamuni vatha soothiramSattamuni gnana vailakkam 51 are his main masterpiece works.

Sundaranar Sundaranar is known for his contributions in Sundaranar siva gnana yogam 32 and Sundaranar vakkya sutram He made surprised everyone by making of chunnam. He was the disciple of Pulathiyar.

He has made major contributions in the development of Kayakalpa.

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