1958 corvette registry

This is a model number fuel-injection unit. Differences between the two are identified in the cast top of the unit with "snowflake" Winters Foundry mark at the front of the plenum shownwhile the units have the snowflake in the top center of the plenum.

The tube connected to the front of the plenum also identifies this unit as a This is a unit. You'll notice the absence of the foundry mark on the top and the piping from the front of the plenum, and the inclusion of the extended line to the power diaphragm from the fuel-richening housing around the front of the unit.

There were two settings for the units and R, the "R" units having been set percent richer for use on mechanical lifter, hp engines. You can see by this photo that the choke is now heat-operated and the cranking signal valve is lower on the power valve not centered. The most distinguishable feature for the "" units is that they use a front-mounted PCV which connects to the oil fill tube. The units did not use a cranking signal valve, but instead had a solenoid that was wired into the engine harness.

The reason was that the solenoid operated only when the starter was engaged and was not sensitive to vacuum changes. Another change on the unit was that the distributor vacuum line was removed from the air meter and the port was plugged. The line was moved to the rear of the plenum chamber where the PCV had been for the prior model The fact that they can satisfy our appetite for performance while also fulfilling the requirements for emissions and fuel economy proves the benefits of using fuel injection over the conventional carburetor.

The first fuel-injection units were designed with only performance gains in mind. Overcoming the fuel starvation problems experienced with carburetors during hard cornering was the primary objective of designers, and history reveals that they did their job well. We asked fuel-injection specialist Jack Podell to show us what differences to look for when identifying the Rochester Mechanical Fuel Injection units. This listing is by no means comprehensive of every change or model unit that GM had instituted over the course of production, but is intended to give the reader a good foundation of the Rochester Mechanical Fuel Injection units that started it all.

Corvettes on eBay: Barn Find 1958 Corvette With VIN 020

Often new Corvettes are evolutionary and not revolutionary. This concours quality Chevrolet Corvette turned out to be the exception to the 's rule with side pipes, and widebody fenders. This might look like a Vette, but underneath is a highly customized tubular chassis and the drivetrain out of a Corvette Z The March Performance Chevy convertible project receives Wilwood brakes as well as Strange rearend axles and centersection to complete its Art Morrison chassis.

How To. Sources Jack Podell. View Full Image. Connect With Us. Get Latest News and Articles. Newsletter Sign Up. Related Articles. The Body of a Vette With the Heart of a Z06 This might look like a Vette, but underneath is a highly customized tubular chassis and the drivetrain out of a Corvette ZThe purpose of this section is to provide Corvette owners with the resources necessary to properly document past owner and history on their Corvettes.

Using the buttons to the left, you can access useful information such as general links and information on conducting vehicle history searches, United States Area Codesand Department of Motor Vehicle Listingsas well as post Information Wanted and Available Information listings. Available Information: If you are the past owner of a Corvette and you have additional documentation or information that may be of value to the current owner who you have been unable to locate, you are welcome to post an Available Information advertisement.

You can provide as much or as little information as you wish in your listing. You will also be able to go back and edit your listing at any time.

If you provide an email address, you should know that your email address is kept from viewing and primary contact via email utilizes a special form. Events Gallery. History Knowledgebase. Portal Reviews. Specs Tech. Bookmark This Page. All Rights Reserved.When you are considering the purchase of a Chevrolet Corvettethe price is not the only consideration. A buyer wants to be as sure as possible that the Chevrolet Corvette is sound and roadworthy and the vehicle description is honest and truthful in terms of origin.

Most buyers are not mechanics and cannot identify potential problems and even though the vehicle may be covered by a warranty, there may be information that comes to light later that invalidates that warranty. The first concern for any buyer considering the purchase of a Chevrolet Corvette is that the vehicle is what it is claimed to be.

This is achieved with a VIN decoder.

Owner Research Center

Every vehicle manufacturer is obliged to mark each vehicle with a unique VIN number. A large amount of essential data is related to the VIN number and using Chevrolet Corvette VIN decoder the buyer can confirm the relevant details to enable making an informed buying decision and consider other potential options.

By simply entering the VIN number of the Chevrolet Corvette, the buyer is able to see pertinent information that includes the very basic and most vital of information. This includes manufacturer details such as year and place of manufacture, including the plant and its production number, and build specifications such as type of engine, type of transmission and safety system.

The information is accurate and exact to the specific vehicle.We have just added to our extensive exotic car inventory a beautiful Chevrolet Corvette Restomod in Tuxedo Black over Red with just test miles since completion. This beautiful custom Corvette RM Sothebys. We have just added to our extensive exotic car inventory a beautiful Chevrolet Corvette in Signet Red over Red with only 1, miles since restoration.

This beautiful Corvette is loaded with This vehicle is being sold at the Kissimmee as Lot No. Mecum Auctions Chicago, IL.

No listings found! Widen search by de-selecting one or more search filter items. Register an account to save your searches for more than 30 days. Owner RM Sothebys Mecum Auctions Chicago, IL X Success Your e-mail has been sent.

You will be sent a copy of this email to the email address you provided. Make Chevrolet show more show less. Model Corvette show more show less. Year show more show less. All 8. Used 8. All Corvette 8.

Apache 2. Cameo 1. Impala 2. Stake Bed 1. Black 2. Green 1. Other 1. Red 3.Select year: C2 Corvette Registry Help Page Table of Contents: C2 Registry mission statement Show the registry for a specific year Show car details of a specific car Zoom into a car picture Add your C2 Corvette to the C2 Registry Change your Corvette details Remove your Corvette from the registry Add the current owner Add a previous owner Change a previous owner Remove a previous owner Add pictures to your car entry Change previously uploaded car picture Remove previously uploaded car picture Create a login account Change login account details I forgot my password!

Log onto the C2 Registry Selecting and mailing a specific group of car owners. C2 Registry mission statement The mission of the C2 Regstry site is to provide a, free of charge, C2 Corvette registry without a commercial goal to provide all Corvette lovers an inside of the C2 vintage Corvettes still out there, together with information on their options and specifications, location and owners.

1958 corvette registry

This means that registering and using this site is free of charge for all participants, both commercial and non-commercial. All donations if any will be used for enhancing and publishing this site. Using the mailing facility of this site is only allowed for non-commercial mailing.

No rights can be obtained by using this site. This site will also not guarantee the correctness of the entered information or misuse of the published information. Show the registries for a specific year First select the correct year from the dropdown combo box left on top to show the registry entries for a specific year. In this combo box all the C2 are displayed with the amount of cars entered for each year stated between round brackets. To view the car details of a specific car entry click the car VIN number.

To mail the owner of the car if entered click the name of the car owner. Select the Show Registry menu option from the left light blue panel to re-enter the registry of the selected year. Then check if the car hasn't been listed yet e. If so contact the webmaster to transfer it to your account. If your car isn't listed yet log into the C2 Registry first. Then select the Add Corvette menu option from the left light blue panel to open the form to fill in your car details.

In this form the cars birth year can be selected and car VIN number, its nickname, colours and options can be registered. Also the car can be flagged as for sale together with the asking price note: this feature is only enabled if an owner is attached to the car. This will cause a for sale sign in the registry year overview to indicate the car is for sale.

Using this feature is free of charge also for commercial companies although they are kindly asked to make a donation to the webmaster e. Make sure all the mandatory fields marked with a red star are filled in correctly and press the Save button to store the car details into the C2 Registry database. Show car details To show a car its details you have to show the registries for the specific birth year of the car. Then click on the VIN of the car which has your interrest. A overview of the cars details, together with thumbnail sized pictures of the car and current and previous owner information is presented.Ever since it's birth inthe Vette has been a fan favorite around sports car aficionados.

The sports car icon is also known for being as American as apple pie. It has recently hit prime performance numbers and is now capable of comparisons with offerings from the exotic manufacturers.

Chevy has done this at a relatively low price, ensuring it will always be the performance bargain of the supercars. A custom Corvette for sale is always a popular choice for people that seek a relatively cheap sports car. It walks the line between the more expensive exotic cars and the less expensive sports cars. This puts the car in the weird zone of being sought after despite it being fairly common.

The first generation debuted in and is also referred to as a classic Corvette. The second generation began life in InChevy introduced the Stingray, with its coupe body style and split rear window. That car had one of the shortest life spans of all the Vettes, at only five years. The third generation was designed after a Mako shark and was well known for its voluptuous body styling. That body style went through some minor changes as it moved through its year life.

Some notable changes were the loss of the metal bumpers for urethane ones. Inthe Convertible stopped production and Chevy introduced the fastback glass rear window.

1958 corvette registry

The C4 or fourth-generation began life in March after a one-year hiatus. This generation saw a plethora of special- and collector editions. The C5 or fifth-generation took a giant step forward in design and engineering.

The car made leaps and bounds in solidity and durability when compared to past generations. The C5 is by far the best bang for the buck when shopping for a used Corvette, but, it was lacking was in the interior.

The car earned its rank as one of the fastest production cars on the planet with the Z06 iteration. The Z06 sported a horsepower V-8 and was praised by critics for its power and handling prowess. The sixth-generation has taken the big step offered by the C5 and expounded on it. It's even more solid with an even better interior. The car has two special editions: a horsepower Z06, as well as the most expensive and most powerful ever offered, the ZR1.

Both offer swoopy styling that bridges a gap between hard-edged American muscle cars and the smooth lines of the Italian exotics.

1958 Corvette the Dream Car

Both carry the Stingray one word moniker, and both offer an LT-1 engine the new car deletes the hyphen. It will, also, take you farther, returning 29 miles to the gallon through the Active Fuel Management system, which can shut off half the cylinders during light engine loads. It all comes thanks to the new LT1. It replaces the LS3 while doling out the highest standard power ratings ever for the restomod Corvette for sale through a variety of small changes that have upped the ante while maintaining the capacity.

Direct fuel injection, continuously variable valve timing, high compression, oil-spray piston cooling, and dry-sump lubrication are just some of the keywords GM engineers are throwing around.

Transmission options include a paddle-shifted, six-speed automatic and, for the first time, a seven-speed manual, which is offered with rev-matching technology. More power is great, but less to move is even better. An all-new more-rigid aluminum frame is 57 percent stiffer and 99 pounds lighter than the outgoing steel frame.

But performance is just one area in which this modified Corvette has already succeeded.Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Now showing page 1 of 2. Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert?

1958 corvette registry

Featured Private Seller. Frame off restoration completed with documentation. Dealership Showcased. Signet Red exterior wi A rare piece of art on four wheels. Black Corvette convertible, white coves and This Beautiful Corvette wea Contact Seller.

This one is very nice! C-2 Rated Restoration job, almost perfect condition! In an era of brutal Hellcats, sensational Shelbys and mid-engine Stingrays, it's safe to say profes Fun to drive. Jim Meyers front end with hy Online Auction. This Chevrolet Corvette had a full restoration about 10 years ago. It is powered by a V8 engin Refine Search? Private Seller.

1958 corvette registry

Also be sure to view results in. Chevrolet Corvette. This car is powered by a L76 V8 engine and paired with a Muncie 4-speed manual gearbox driving a posi-trac differential with gears.

The car was originally built in St. Professionally restored by the current third owner, seller states no panels ever replaced or damaged. View Vehicle. Finished in orange over asaddlevinyl interior it underwent a full nut-and-bolt restoration and is powered by a matching-numbers ciV8 enginepaired with a 3-speed automatic transmission.

Having spent most of its life from new in California, the odometer shows just26k miles which are believed to be original by the seller, who has owned the car for 13 years. Equipment includesremovableT-top panels, pop-up headlamps,and a cowl induction system. This Corvette is now offered with a clean Illinois title in the seller's name.

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